The Afterlife Adventures of Tom and Albert

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THE AFTERLIFE ADVENTURES OF TOM AND ALBERT is a radio-play podcast written and created by Rob Tepper. It follows the unique story of two Agents of Light whose job is to usher newly dead souls up to Heaven. Each episode, we’ll follow our oddly paired duo through the successes and follies of their afterlife 9-to-5, working their own way up to Heaven. We’re not completely sure they’ll ever truly make it, at least not the way things are looking.



  • Director: Rob Tepper
  • Producer: Rob Tepper
  • Producer: Ryan Rees
  • Sound Design: Ryan Rees
  • Logo and Font Design: Bert Rotundo
  • Theme Song Composer: Brooks Ball
  • Website Design: Cyrill Reiser
  • God: Sal Romeo
  • Albert: Bert Rotundo
  • Tom: Rob Tepper
  • Cindy: Ali Iovino
  • Esther: Susannah Hillard
  • Sterling: Charlie Newmark
  • Hunt: Robert Hallak
  • The Chief: Herschel Sparber
  • Fa-Stanley: Shai Casey
  • Fa-Norma: Laurie Wendorf
  • Ms. Montana: Keeley Hazell
  • Carina: Jessica Blair
  • Big Guy Richard: Franc Ross


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