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The Batcave Podcast takes an in depth look at each and every episode of the 1966 Batman television series, starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Despite the fact that the show was a huge success in its time and continues to be loved by millions of fans across the world, the series gets its share of ridicule from those who embrace the “Dark Knight” aspect of the character of Batman. The more “Bright Knight” is looked down upon.

Host John S. Drew has loved this show since childhood, but he never really understood why. Now, with a different guest host, he looks back on the episodes every two weeks and discusses what worked and what didn’t. Why is there such animosity from some quarters? What did he love about it? In the end, John is attempting, through the podcast, to justify his love for the series. Along the way, he learns new things about the series from his knowledgeable guests.



  • Host/Producer – John S. Drew


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