“The Disappeared”


In 1992, an investigation of a case of corporate espionage leads private investigators SCATTER RODRIGUEZ and RICHARD HARDEMAN to uncover the existence of the apparitions of people reported missing called “The Disappeared”. While on surveillance Scatter sees “visions” of the enigmatic beings in the form of a WOMAN IN BLACK.

Upon further investigation, Scatter and Hardeman discover the focus of the new clients is a competitor named the ZENAX CORPORATION and its interest involving materials recovered from the crash, called “Roswell Glass”, and contained exotic matter from a UFO. When Scatter follows the lead to a local man named TOP NILES, whom he had seen during the surveillance, the mystery only deepens with an astounding discovery, which propels Scatter into a world he never imagined.

Finding himself in a strange world, Scatter encounters Tip Niles. Trying to uncover the mystery of the nature of their predicament, much less find his way back home, Scatter discovers that the answers are more bizarre than he can even imagine.


  • Aldo Romero – Producer – Writer – Director
  • Kendall Brown – Co Producer- Creature Design
  • Ted Hayash – Cinematography


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