The Endless Mission to Mars 2060

Posted In Short Films

In the Year 2060 the IDF (Israely Defence Force), the only Remaining Army in the world, sends an expedition to the remote planet Mars, in a secret mission to find life. this miserable expedition is led by the narcissist no good captain Roei Dayan, which kind of likes it out there on Mars, and therefore will do what ever he can not to complete the secret mission, and stay on his new home for ever. in this episode the Horrid Drill Sergent Shimon Dugro, cleans the ship for the coming Passover holiday. when he arrives at Captains office he finds a Ridiculous Amount of Leaven, and together the two embark on a quest to burn all the leaven, before Passover begins.


  • Screenplay: Amit and Eyal
  • Producer: Dana Baruch
  • Director of Photography: Maor Adar
  • Second Director: Amit Chachamov
  • Art Director: Dana Baruch
  • Editing: Amit and Eyal
  • Sound Design: Slava Pogorelsky
  • Animation: Sagi Cohen
  • Music slava pogorelsky
  • Graphics: Ohad Dadon