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The Escapist covers content across the entire spectrum of geek culture, from the latest video games and movies to the most incredible tech breakthroughs. We offer weekly feature articles, a slate of different opinion columns, and Zero Punctuation, the most hilarious video game reviewer the internet has ever known.

Why The Escapist?

There are millions of websites out there that cover video games or movies or technology, but we’ve known very few geeks out there who are only interested in one aspect of geekiness. The Escapist takes the best of literally every aspect of geekdom, and brings it all together with a gorgeous design, thoughtful feature articles, and insightful commentary on the goings on of the various industries we cover. The Escapist is incredibly passionate about the content we create because we, like our readers, are all proud to be geeks.



The Escapist Team


  • Alexander Macris – Publisher
  • Janelle Bonanno – Editorial Director Gaming, Defy Media
  • Joshua Vanderwall – Editor in Chief
  • Justin Clouse – Senior Video Editor
  • John Keefer – Managing Editor
  • Jon Bolding – Senior Editor Tabletop, Comics & Cosplay
  • CJ Miozzi – Senior Editor Science & Tech, Movies & TV



  • Jess Fielhauer – Creative Director
  • Mike Hall – Layout Designer
  • Caroline Wisner – Layout Artist



  • Louis Weber – Full Stack Developer
  • Erik Jacobson – Server Administrator


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