The Gambit


*For best viewing experience please watch with surround sound or quality headphones. Laptop speakers don’t do the episode justice.

Synopsis – A group of disgruntled ex cops take a sport arena and employees inside hostage as an elaborate plan to clear their names.



  • Hisonni Johnson (Writter, DP, Editor and director)
  • Caslin Rose, Genaro Marzan, Colleen Dallons (Special guest Directors)
  • Lyndon Hundley and Monica Zachary (1st AD)
  • Cassandra Pimmental (Makeup and Wardrobe)
  • Colleen Dallons, Monica Zachary, Jose Fletes (Sound)
  • Chris Watkins 3 and Will Akana (Key Grip)
  • Hisonni Johnson (VFX and Executive Producer)
  • Raj Bhavsar (Producer)
  • Steve Crest (Associate Producer) — To have the best Movie policeman ever in your film please visit
  • Jimmy Bui (Art Director) Find Jimmy at

Lead Cast


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