The Gamers: Hands of Fate

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When Cass (Brian Lewis) sets his eye on scoring a date with Natalie (Trin Miller), one of the world’s top Romance of the Nine Empires players, she issues him a challenge: to show that he’s gamer enough to win this year’s national championship. Determined to prove he can win any game, Cass enlists his long-suffering gaming buddy, Leo (Scott C. Brown) to teach him everything he needs to know about collectible card games. But The Legacy, a group of hardcore gamers with an evil plan, has raised an army of the undead to win the game for themselves.

Funded by 4311 backers on Kickstarter, The Gamers: Hands of Fate was produced in cooperation with Gen Con LLC, Alderac Entertainment Group, Paizo Publishing, True Dungeon, and Dead Gentlemen Productions.



  • Producer: Rennie Araucto
  • Writers: Matt Vancil & Nathan Rice
  • Directors: Matt Vancil & Ben Dobyns


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