The Gaming Careers Podcast: Episode 26

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In this episode of The Gaming Careers Podcast I interview the COO of Ablegamers Charity, Steve Spohn, about how games can change the lives of the disabled. It further discusses how game designers can make their games more accessible for disabled gamers. This episode has a strong emotional component for me. I am severely color blind and didn’t realize how my own gaming experience was affected by my disability. It turns out that Steve Spohn personally had conversations with EA designers of World of Warcraft to make the game easier to play for the color deficient. This had a huge effect on my life at the time­ this was something that I discovered during the interview­ I was talking to the person that changed my gaming experience and helped me interact with other players. It was a very powerful experience for me that was captured on­air on the show.


  • Host: Stephen Ruduski


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