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The Geek Anthropologist (TGA) is a blog where geek culture and all things geek are analysed through the perspective of anthropology. We are interested in digging deeper into geek culture or things that geeks love. Our blog is a place for geeks and social scientists, particularly aspiring anthropologists, to connect and engage in constructive and respectful dialog. We bring together people interested in similar areas of investigation and recommend scientific literature that may interest them. On TGA, students in social science will find useful advice, can publish their own work and benefit from feedback from our readers.

In a multiverse of geeky blogs and websites, TGA stands out of the crowd not only as a source of geeky content, but also as a hub for geeks and social scientists to interact, dig deeper into geek culture and discuss how geeky video games, movies, TV series and comics, and the like reflect and transform the societies which produce them.

We like to connect with everyone but especially fellow geeks to illustrate in accessible, engaging and entertaining pieces how fascinating anthropology is. This is why we publish various types of content, like the video series Spot Check about tabletop RPGs, book reviews, in-depth features, and the Geekout series in which we, well, geek out about the things we love.

Geeks can turn to our blog to expand their understanding of the geeky media they love, as well as geek culture and the changes it is undergoing. Academics also turn to us for better understandings of geek culture and how influential it is on the broader culture. For instance, we examined the Fake Geek Girl debate in 2012, introducing the controversy to academics and explaining the social science background to non-academic geeks. We also bring forth critically engaging pieces which help our readers better grasp the relevance of in-depth analysis of geeky contents/materials and how they can help us to better understand the societies which produce them.

TGA is also THE place to be if you don’t know what anthropology is and would like to find out!

TGA is a non-profit blog: small revenues from adds and sales of RedBubble products are entirely used towards hosting and managing the blog itself. Our entire team is composed of dedicated and passionate geeky volunteers!

Last but not least, we want our blog to be fun, entertaining and a source of high quality material!


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  • Editor: Emma Backe
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  • Contributor: Rayna Elizabeth
  • Reviewer and Community Manager: James Moar
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