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His name is Brian and her name is Jen. He was a history major and she has a theater degree — so, of course, they both work in the IT field. She writes musicals and he writes articles on funny-books. Together they fight crime! No, that’s wrong, together they forge a geek life.

Being two adults with disposable income and imagination, the two muddle through as best they can, learning new skills and applying them to their hobbies: gaming, costuming, prop-making, home ownership, and travel. When the pair started researching certain aspects of their hobbies, they realized that (in many cases) there weren’t many resources on how things were done. As a result, the duo hatched a mad scheme and decided to write a blog on how to do all the crazy things they do — and make it look good.



  • Brian Eason
  • Jennifer Pawley


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