The Hawk Chronicles

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An old style radio cliff hanger drama done for modern times. The show was initially created to promote the vocal talents of the star, Kirsten Strohmer for her budding voice over business. a radio station manager heard it, and put us on the air. As of this date, 04/28/15, there are 20 shows produced and 36 written. All of the other voice actors are non-professionals. There are four different studios used, and no actor performs with another. each part is recorded separately, then sent to me for final mixing. The link for judging will take you to Episode 20. That is the episode submitted for judging, however, there is another link there to Episodes 1-19.


  • Steve Long, Writer, Producer, Director, Voice Actor
  • Kirsten Strohmer lead actress
  • Other leading vocals are Jon Macinta, Jessica Quinn and Deanna Parker


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