The Infected

Posted In Short Films

Four friends meet to celebrate their college graduation when a dirty bomb containing a highly contagious and lethal virus explodes in Los Angeles.

Quarantined together in a tiny apartment they pass the time with drugs, sex, and alcohol. As the effects of the virus begin to set in, a sickness invades their bodies, and they all turn on one another in a battle to survive.

Little do they know, the plague outside the front door is nowhere near as strong as the illness they’ve created inside.



  • Director – Barry Morgan
  • Writer – Barry Morgan
  • Story – Helenna Santos and Barry Morgan
  • Produced by – Barry Morgan and Helenna Santos
  • Editor – Barry Morgan
  • Director of Photography – John KD Graham
  • Music – Austin Hillebrecht
  • Post Production Supervisor – Sam Read
  • Visual Effects – Jimmy Brown
  • Sound Design – Sam Read
  • Starring – Helenna Santos, Jerod Meagher, Austin Hillebrecht, Melissa Katzin


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