The Late, Late News is a new satirical sketch comedy web series that spoofs 24 hour cable news channels, and their often outrageous and overblown coverage of the news itself. Each episode blends the short form of sketch comedy with traditional, character-based sitcom storytelling.

The Late, Late News focuses on a rinky-dink late night cable news program called, interestingly enough, The Late, Late News. The program is anchored by the no-nonsense, hard working newsman John Jacobson (played by James Chillingworth), whose egotistical ways have landed him in hot water with his bosses in the past. As a result, he’s stuck in the undesirable 2 AM slot on a struggling 24 hour cable news outlet.

As if that weren’t bad enough, he’s got to work with 2 young, yet highly incompetent reporters who just seem interested in getting themselves on TV. Hot shot foreign correspondent Albert Andrews (played by Manny Fajardo) tries his hardest to get the big international stories, but his love of the ladies and the nightlife takes a greater precedence over any journalistic pursuits.

Former child beauty pageant contestant turned up and coming broadcast journalist Jenny Taylor (played by Paula Shreve) seeks to be the next Katie Couric. While blessed with extraordinary good looks, Jenny’s outspoken personality, plus her tendency to become overly attached to the people she interviews on domestic stories, ends up making John’s goals of putting on a serious newscast even harder to achieve.


  • Actors: James Chillingworth, Paula Shreve, Manny Fajardo, Jamie Freeman, David Tatman, Tad Brown, Ian Smith
  • Creator: Chris Hadley
  • Writer: Chris Hadley
  • Producer: Chris Hadley
  • Co-Producer: Rafi Najeeb
  • Directors: Chris Hadley, MartinJon Garcia, David Tatman
  • Music: Larry Russell
  • Editors: Chris Hadley, Daryn Murphy
  • Camera: David Tatman, Jamie Freeman, James Chillingworth
  • Lighting: David Tatman, Jamie Freeman, James Chillingworth
  • Audio: David Tatman, Jamie Freeman


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