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May it Please the Court:

We started “The Legal Geeks” because we are lawyers who love the law and all things geek. We have explored who is the legal owner of Mjolnir, Clone rights in Star Wars The Clone Wars, and the assumption of risk for wearing a “Red Shirt” in Star Trek, just to name a few examples. “The Legal Geeks” was selected for the American Bar Association Top 100 Law Blogs for the last two years in a row.

Lawyers are taught to analyze facts and apply them to the law in order to tell our client’s side of the case. The process for discussing legal issues in court opinions (and law school exams) is called IRAC, which stands for Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion. We watch shows or movies, such as Agent Carter, Daredevil, or read comic books, and apply legal analysis to the issues presented in the show.

Our process is to watch a show, spot legal issues, conduct legal research, and prepare a post discussing the issues presented. This has been an amazing way to discuss serious issues, such as warrantless police searches, metadata bulk collection, contract disputes, or property rights, and highlight how the “law” actually works.

Lawyers are storytellers. Our job is to explain our case to a judge as jury. As such, we understand the importance of exhibits. Josh has the added step of ordering action figures, LEGOS, toys, and t-shirts for the TV shows and movies, followed by coordinating a photo shoot that corresponds with the themes in the episode. Josh sets-up a shoot and has models pose in a range of emotions (surprise, anger, questioning expression) to have a database of photos ready for a quick turn around time on preparing a post.

The Law surrounds us, just like the Force. We are not afraid to cry, “this is our time” and boldly geek out over science fiction and comic books.



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