The Monsterjunkies An American Family Odyssey


Crow Monsterjunkie is a quiet, overweight Goth teen whose looks keep people at bay and make him a target at school. His older sister has found other ways to fit in. His only real friends are the lovable, enchanting creatures on his parents’ ancestral estate and his plastic Aurora monster models.
And he has secrets —- too many, in fact, to hold.

Local suspicions about Crow’s European family legacy put his parents’ work at risk in the field of cryptozoology while a greed-driven plot ensues to expose and rid the macabre Monsterjunkies from their mysterious, secluded sanctuary at 1313 Road to Nowhere, Foggy Point, Maine.
As the threats to his world increase, Crow must decide whether to rise above the tormenters or to descend into self-righteous retaliation. And, he can no longer contain the anger he feels towards his well-meaning, extroverted but absent father.

In order to get support, he must relinquish his self-imposed exile and dismantle the emotional fortress he’s created to cope with too much pressure, too much trauma, and not enough trust in the good.

With elements of magical realism, light-hearted humor, an ensemble cast, and contemporary teen issues.



  • Erik Shein, Creator
  • Theresa A Gates
  • Jimmy Costello
  • Jay Fotos Studios,


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