The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy


2015 NOMINEE FOR BEST SCRIPTED WEB SERIES!  |  View all 2015 Nominees

“The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy” is a modern transmedia digital series adapted from J.M. Barrie’s novel “Peter and Wendy.” In this episode, Peter Pan reminds Wendy Darling how they first met, and gives her a gift that shows just how long he’s had his eyes on her.

Created by Kyle Walters and Shawn deLoache

IAWTV Award Winner 2015 Best Production Design
IAWTV Award Winner 2015 Best Transmedia
IAWTV Award Nom 2015 Best Actress in a Comedy: Paula Rhodes



  • Kyle Walters: Peter Pan
  • Paula Rhodes: Wendy Darling
  • Brennan Murray: Michael Darling
  • Graham Kurtz: John Darling
  • Lovlee Carroll: Lily Bagha
  • Director: Matthew Breault
  • Writer: Shawn deLoache
  • Producer: Adam Laupus
  • Producer: Jenni Powell
  • Producer: Paula Rhodes
  • Exec Producer: Kyle Walters
  • Exec Producer: Shawn deLoache
  • Cinematographer: Alex Parker
  • Production Designer: Katie Moest
  • Transmedia Producer: Emmett Furey
  • Editor/DIT: Brian Guillaudeu
  • Consulting Producer: Larry Walters
  • Costume Designer: Derya Derman
  • Composer: Rob Gokee
  • Theme Song: Jason Charles Miller


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