The Perfect Heist

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The Perfect Heist is a game of uneasy alliances and big scores. You play as petty thieves bent on becoming the world’s most infamous criminal mastermind. To do that, you must pull off ever more audacious heists to make a name for yourself. You will need cunning to form crews with other players to pull off large jobs and negotiate your share of the reward. Make and break deals. Forge alliances or hold your friends hostage. Only the most notorious player will win.

Gameplay directly references classic films, tropes, and brings to life the trials of building a team of criminals; some you can trust and others that you know you can’t. Hidden Agenda cards entice nice people to play dirty and scoundrels to be good guys (if only for a little bit). And History cards form thematic bonds between players—family, ex-lovers, war buddies—that influences gameplay and builds a fun narrative.

Unlike other cooperative/competitive games, Perfect Heist allows for a player’s cunning, deal-making ability, bluffing, and quick thinking to be real factors that can lead them to victory even when the cards don’t fall their way. So by the end of the game, it’s not necessarily the player who won the most heists, but the biggest hustler who wins.


  • Game & Graphic Design: Karl Tiedemann
  • Character Art: Josh Alves
  • Character Art: Kendrick Tu
  • Logo Design: Dan Kennedy


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