The Planet That Came For Christmas

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“The Planet That Came For Christmas” is part of the Doctor Puppet series of short films that tell original Doctor Who stories through hand crafted stop motion animation. It’s the third Doctor Puppet Christmas special and the most ambitious Doctor Puppet film yet. It was made possible by a successfully funded Indiegogo campaign. The animation was entirely produced in a small apartment in Brooklyn. The music was produced and recorded in England.


  • Producer/Puppet Maker/Animator/Writer: Alisa Stern
  • Composer/Narrator: Scott Ampleford
  • Storyboard Artist/Animator/Editor/Writer: Erin Natal
  • Animator/Set Builder/Writer: Rachel Gitlevich
  • Set Builder/Designer/Writer: Shelby Arnold
  • Costumer/Set Builder/Writer: Amanda Zoe
  • Painter/Effects Animator: Isam S. Prado
  • Orchestrator: Phil Toms
  • 2D Animator: Christie O’Brien-Murphy
  • Sound: Arjun G. Sheth
  • Sound: Doug Cairns


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