The Quantum Leap Podcast


The Quantum Leap Podcast is a Barren Space Production with the purpose of exploring the Quantum Leap Universe episode by episode. This podcast is covering all five seasons of one of the best television shows of all time ranked #15 and #19 on TV Guide’s “Top Cult Shows Ever” in In 2004 and 2007[1], by delving into all 96 episodes one by one and not spoiling upcoming plot points so first timers can follow along. We will be doing approximately two shows per month taking about three years. We will dissect each and every show looking for the meanings and lessons we can learn while keeping track of the overall arc of the show. We have guests on the show who have worked on Quantum Leap like Co-Executive Producer Deborah Pratt and multiple guest leads of the show. If you love Quantum Leap, we hope you will enjoy our show. If you have never watched Quantum Leap it’s a great time to start watching and follow along with us.



  • Host, Editor, Creator – Albert Burdge
  • Host – Heather Burdge
  • Voice Talent – John Bukenas
  • Contributor – Hayden McQueenie
  • Additional editing and research – Juan Muro
  • Special Guests – Holly Fields and Kevin Bachelder


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