The Scottish Ninjas – Welcome to America

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The Scottish Ninjas is an epic animated web series – Imagine the violence of Kill Bill I – Meets Braveheart – Meets the irreverence of South Park!

A well-liquored Scot wandering the seaside, discovers a mysterious bottle. Unbeknownst to him, it contains the trapped spirit of an ancient Japanese warrior! Infused with two spirits, the way of the Scottish Ninja is born! He adopts three young orphan lads to train in the ancient ways of Kilt-Fu. Now grown, they are sent to America to find their place in the world. 6 months have passed and Drunken Master is coming to pay them a visit! Comedy and carnage ensue as evil forces from Drunken Master’s past also decide to pay the lads a visit! The comedy laughs keeps flowing, just like the whisky and blood, in this first season of THE SCOTTISH NINJAS.



  • Written by: Beau Obremski and Rob Mullin
  • Directed and Animated by: Beau Obremski
  • Starring: Rob Mullin, Kieron Elliot, Rachel Jackson, Beau Obremski, Dean Shimabukuro,
  • Original Music – Christian Marcussen
  • Rigging Lead – Dean Shimabukuro
  • Backgrounds – Phil Branesky


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