The Starmind Record

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In this science-fiction documentary webseries from 8 Sided Films, two documentary filmmakers from Los Angeles discover and investigate the presence of an extra-terrestrial intelligence.



  • Eli Richmond: Gerard Marzilli
  • Casey Young: Charlotte Gallager
  • Dean Ballard: Matthew David McCallum
  • Dr. Michel Andrade: Ray Auxais
  • Nelson Fuller: Cesar Ramos
  • Dr. Amber Strickland: Shanna Beauchamp
  • Agent Drakenmeyer: Lon Haber
  • Danielle K. Jones: Joannie Ballard
  • Matt Lockings: Corey Blake
  • Jess Hallison: Lisa Russey
  • Produced by: Troy Butcher, Katarina Garcia, Gerard Marzilli, Charlotte Gallagher, Tennyson E. Stead
  • Composer: Dan Hegarty
  • Edited by: Tennyson E Stead
  • Written by: Tennyson E. Stead
  • Directed by: Tennyson E. Stead


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