The Stranger

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In the small, sleepy town of Evergreen, Tennessee, the murder of college sweetheart Jessica Langley (Kacy Tiller) sends out a shockwave of fear and paranoia that unnerves the residents and tears at the very fabric of society in the close-knit community. In the aftermath of the crime, the strapped-yet-resourceful Erwin Police Department sets out on a mission to discover the identity of Jessica’s killer and restore public trust in the town’s law enforcement officials.

Detective Cal Hayes (Austin Olive), reinstated to his post after a six-month suspension, heads up that effort. But a brilliant, headstrong private investigator (Nicole James) has ties to the Langley family, and her own agenda for finding Jessica’s murderer. Her exploits could undermine Detective Hayes’ entire operation. And at the same time, Jessica’s troubled cousin Allison Bridges (Michelle Hachten) finds herself tangled up in a sinister plot that could have dire implications for everyone involved.

In the midst of the murder investigation, an upcoming election will decide the town’s next mayor. A young man will be pushed to his limits by domestic abuse. A husband’s loyalties to his wife and to a higher calling will be tested. Friendships and alliances will form and break.

And a shadow will move in the darkness, uniting these seemingly unrelated stories into one vast, complex mystery centuries in the making. And before it’s over, you’ll be asking yourself one question:

Who is…The Stranger?



  • Dustin Street (Creator, Producer, Executive Producer/Showrunner)
  • Drew Howell (Executive Producer/Showrunner)
  • Christian Cummins (Executive Producer/Showrunner)
  • Tanesha Franklin-White (Executive Producer)
  • Hannah Faith Rader (Executive Producer
  • Eric Doepel (Executive Producer)
  • John Altom (Executive Producer)
  • Eugene White (Supervising Producer)
  • Dustin Street (Editor)
  • Sierra Palmer (Director of Photography)
  • Kevin MacLeod (Composer)
  • Regina Franklin (Casting)
  • Starring: Austin Olive, Tanesha Franklin-White, Michelle Hachten and Kacy Tiller
  • Also Starring: John Altom, Eric Doepel, Sabrina Kitto, Hannah Faith Rader, Camielle Reed, Doug Reiser, Mike Sant, Toby Wilkins and Callie Worley


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