The Town of Light


The Town of Light is a first-person psychological narrative horror game, based on real life events and locations. It talks about Asylum and their patients, often treated like animals or objects. You will be able to live their stories, their fears, their dreams to never forget. The main character is a young schizophrenic woman, who spent most of her life in the asylum.
Renèe’s voice will guide us in the game and through her eyes the player will live her story and her personal drama.
The player will try to recreate her personality, freely exploring the environment, finding documents, reliving her hallucinations, and trying to interpret what her voice communicates.


  • Director: Luca Dalcò
  • Assistant Art Director: Francesco Barbieri
  • Assistant Technical Director: Alessio Belli
  • 3D Artist: Lorenzo Nocchi
  • 3D Artist: Lorenzo Conticelli
  • 3D Artist: Leonardo Iezzi
  • Programmer: Giulio Muntoni
  • 2D Artist: Arianna Bellucci
  • 2D Artist: Elena Bartolomei
  • Composer: Aseptic Void
  • Marketing & Sales: Fabio Viola


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