The Unicorn Files


The Unicorn Files aims to debunk the myth of the female geek, one geek at a time. We feature individual geeky women, giving women in the community a chance to tell their story. Our goal is to show that female geeks exist, and that we’re a wide and diverse group.

Over the past few years, many people have written about females in the geek community, and how the group is often dismissed and overlooked. Although this literature is important and valuable, we want to take it to the next logical step – to create an avenue that shows women are in the geek community. Lady geeks exist, we’re an important part of the geek community, and we’re not going to disappear.

There are two aspects to the project. Part one focuses on the tumblr and features women who have submitted their photos directly to us. Part two consists of taking portraits of geeky women in their homes. These photos will be displayed in a larger exhibit at a later date. Biographies of the women accompany all the photographs.



  • Founder and Writer: Terra Clarke Olsen
  • Photographer: Nate Watters


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