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Share: is the brainchild of Sebastian Compagnucci, and was once solely a podcast back in 2012. Realizing that there were not many websites dedicated strictly to The Walking Dead, Sebastian created an accompanying website to provide all the latest news, rumors, and speculations pertaining to the comic book and television series. Since its inception, the website has garnered over 2+ million views (and growing!) from visitors from all over the world, and regularly becomes a hot spot for fans looking to discuss their thoughts during on-season.

The site is segmented by categories: news specific to each season, the comic book series, rumors and spoilers (a fan favorite), and most recently, the companion series. In addition to articles, the website is also the home of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast (discussing each new episode of the mothership show and companion series), as well as a “spin-off” of our own called TWD Comic Quickies, a monthly podcast discussing the most recent issue of The Walking Dead. is unique in the fact that although we are fan boys (and girls), we offer genuine opinions regarding the series, both positive and negative. In addition to lively Facebook fan interactions, we’ve also started up a live-tweet hashtag (#TWDEChat) so fans of the series can tweet along with us during the East Coast airing (9PM EST) of each new episode. continues to grow year after year and is frequently looking for die-hard fans of the show to join our writing staff. Looking to write about your favorite show? Shoot us an email. And remember the number 1 rule: don’t get bit.


  • Creator & Editor-in-Chief: Sebastian Compagnucci
  • Podcast Host & Site Contributor: Ryan Smith
  • Podcast Host & Site Contributor: Dennis Patrick


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