The Wig People web series

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To save his family, and his sanity, a dad risks everything to search for his wife in a world riddled with Wig People.

The unconventional story centers on a Dad who navigates the perils of pursuing the latest lead to find his wife while trying to balance his ambitious career and raise his family. Through flashback, the Dad, Todd, seemingly has the perfect life with great kids, the American Dream and even an occasional sex life. But it all starts to deteriorate, especially the latter, when the wife goes missing and he starts seeing Wig People.

Trying desperately to piece it all together and still preserve his job, family, and what’s left of his outwardly normal looking life, Todd makes frequent trips to his private psychologist. Unfortunately this only leads to more questions when he is introduced to the Secret Society of The Wig People and is given a mentor to help guide him on his journey to find his wife.

Through his new member status with the Secret Society of The Wig People, Todd learns for the first time that he is not alone. There are others who also see and communicate with Wig People and who can’t find their wives. He finds comradery, understanding, and a sense of peace in this new-found brotherhood, but unbeknownst to him, the Secret Society of The Wig People has sinister ulterior motives and plans for him and his powers…



  • Director: Todd Birmingham
  • Writer: Todd Birmingham


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