The work of J.W. Kinsey’s Artifice

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Joshua W Kinsey has always had a compulsion to create. This has culminated in the formation of a high-end custom wood and metal working shop specializing in the creation of unique, design-driven projects focusing on timeless beauty and craftsmanship. He sells his commissions primarily in the U.S. and Canada, but has shipped pieces as far away as China.

Josh has deep convictions about both construction integrity and timeless design; utilizing masterful craft techniques and quality materials in his pursuit of heirloom quality pieces. Within any project, every part is hand-made for its specific application within the overall design (other than the obvious fasteners, fittings, and various electrical components). Typically, adhesives are not used in the assembly of the various parts (meaning, for example, this metal fitting is not hot-glued to that wood piece). Rather, every part is attached mechanically: each piece can be disassembled in its entirety with a screwdriver, allen wrench, or a socket set. Surface treatments can include gilding, cold and electro-plating, enamels and lacquers, and the use of various chemical patinas and color stains. Construction materials typically include the royal metals, high-grade hardwoods, mica, industrial-grade resin, and glass: plastics are avoided at all costs.

Currently, Josh resides in Silverton, Oregon with his beautiful wife Kate, and his children Braxton and Tessa.

And most importantly, he can ride a unicycle.


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