#TISH Adventures


#TISH Adventures captures the sassy TishTini at geek themed events encouraging attendees and fellow #TISHsters to answer her “question of the day”. Don’t be alarmed at the shameless selfie-stick, cosplay malfunctions or TishTini’s quirky behavior; this is unscripted and represents geeks at their finest!

Recent questions include: “What Superhero Do You See?” a spoof off the blue & black/white& gold dress, “What Pop Culture Character Would You Cosplay As A Zombie?” and “How Strong Is The Force?”

#TISH (Trendy Ingenious Sensually Hip) is a lifestyle; promoting the uniqueness of being you and being a geek! If TishTini has learned anything, it’s that you can geek-out on anything in this universe; be it comic books, health & fitness, cosplay, baking, video games or even fishing! Being a geek is embracing who you are and enjoying life’s moments.

Be you. Be a GEEK!

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/TishTini


  • Tish Trotter


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