Uncle Owen by H2Awesome!

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“Uncle Owen” is a rebellious song that asks “what if Luke Skywalker really passed his time down at Toschi Staion by smoking Wampa Weed and snorting Dewback Dung off of the midriffs of Twi’lek dancers?”

H2Awesome! is a geekpunk band from New York City comprised of Comic Book Writers, Artists, Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Comedians and Directors.

They are a cross between Weezer, the Bloodhound Gang and Iggy Pop (but with nerdier pants) and Comic Geek Speak called them “pure punk rock goodness”. Members of the band have cut their comedy teeth working and training with such notables as Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Adam McKay, Rob Riggle and many others and have written or been seen on Comedy Central, Conan O’Brien, American Movie Classics, Nickelodeon & the Food Network. Their repertoire includes catchy and well-crafted tunes referencing geek culture, including an anthem for Walking Dead fans entitled “Carl, Stay In the House!”, and Frodo? Fredo?, a song about two confused potheads watching The Godfather and the Lord Of The Rings.




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