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Unconventional is about a failed comic book writer/artist Nate Jacobs and his misfit, wannabe employees who try to mount a monthly pop culture, sci-fi, comic book convention called “Wrath of Con.” If they survive the crazed fanboys, irate vendors, high maintenance celebrities and their own delusions of grandeur, they just might pull it off.

If Comic-Con is the big leagues, then the “Wrath of Con” is definitely the Bad News Bears.

Watch the Trailer here: https://vimeo.com/91665039



  • Created by Michael Carbone & Jason Huber
  • Written By Michael Carbone & Jason Huber
  • Directed By Eric Blakeney
  • Michael Tennant – Nate Jacobs
  • Zarah Mahler – Libby Keaton
  • Sean Persaud- Taz Di Domenico
  • Cynthia Murell- Bevin Sinclair
  • Michael Carbone- Rory Martin
  • Jason Huber- Ken Abbeldinger

  • Lisa Arch- Ralph Macchio’s Agent
  • Ian Nemser- Zombie #1
  • Vince Melocchi- Angry Vendor
  • Keith Stevenson- Angry Vendor’s Sidekick
  • Neil McGowan- Zombie #2
  • Narrated By: Eric Harthen


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