Vampirism Bites: Season 3

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Vampirism Bites is the web series story of Belle, a vampire fangirl who dreamed of being one of them, until the day came when she finally did.

As it turns out, ‘real’ vampire life is awful: Vampire hunters exist, other vampires are jerks, her powers don’t work the way she thought they would, and she happens to be a blood descendant of the person who would eventually become the Lord of the Vampires: The Dracula HERself.

Life May Suck, but Vampirism Bites.


  • Creator/Director/Editor: James Fernandez
  • Starring –
  • Belle: Katie Laban
  • Simon: Jesse Dunsmore
  • Kristy: Lindsey Black
  • Additional Cast: Jacquie Floyd, Ryan Falcheck, Adiva Wayne, Jason Cale, Miranda Tully, Kevin Starnes, Michael Meike, Mary Lynne Gibbs, Richard Raphael, Joshua Werner, Daniel Imboden, Jeff Priskorn, James Fernandez
  • Music Composer (some episodes): Jeff Arwady
  • Main Title Theme/Additional Music: Ketil Strand
  • Vampire Veneers by: Steve Bosworth and CustomFangs


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