Vassals of Kingsgrave


Vassals of Kingsgrave (VoK) began as a podcast for fans of fantasy fiction, but has branched out to reviewing movies, TV shows, anime, and video games. Since our first episode in June 2013, we have attracted over 20 regular contributors, and recorded almost 100 hours of original content. And best of all, anyone can put up their hand to be on VoK, so long as they help organize, record and edit the episode. Thus far, we have hosts who span four separate continents, and argue in a variety of different accents. But the one language we all share is geek!

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  • Creator/Host/Editor: Vikram (aka fortytwo)
  • Host/Editor: Sabina (Bina007)
  • Host/Editor: Glen (Dagos_Rivers)
  • Host/Editor: Duncan (aka Valkyrist)
  • Host/Editor: Katie (aka Lady Griffin)


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