Verdacomb: A Graphic Novel by Dan Berry


“Denuva spends his time immersed in a world of augmented reality, neglecting his real life responsibilities in favor of video games, bars, and women, until one day he is forced to confront the mysterious details of his past. An underground newspaper leaks information that lures Denuva out of the digital fog and into the heart of the VERDACOMB system, a futuristic dystopian society enslaved by institutionalized war. The answers he once avoided seeking will soon drive Denuva to the edge as he and his friends unite to expose the corruption masked by the annual Harvest Game.”

Chapter Two uploads on the official site every Tuesday with two new pages, ending June 17th.

Chapter Three begins August 5!



  • Creator: Dan Berry
  • Illustrator: Dan Berry
  • Writer: Dan Berry


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