VERDACOMB Chapter Three: Berdini and the Mag


Chapter Three: Berdini and the Mag

“Unable to make contact with Denuva through secret channels, Berdini is forced to travel to the incense farm to recruit him in person. After leaping from the oldest rooftop in VERDACOMB and dodging floating taxis on his hand-made magnetic bike, Berdini traverses the spiraling roads of the Magnetistream; an automated public transit system rife with Harvest Game Festival attendees and OMNI tech junkies. Berdini must learn the hard way that the road to exposing corruption is fraught with difficult decisions and unexpected sacrifices.”

My graphic novel, VERDACOMB, began in August of 2009 when I created the first Orb Suit designs. From there I developed an arena death match that required the use of an organic sphere-mech, which inspired a society that would revolve around the game. The character designs are often based on myself and friends from college, along with people I encounter. It’s been so interesting to see the story develop and evolve as I meet new people and participate in each new life-changing experience. My goal is to share some of my ideas about our own reality through the classic comic book medium. I am currently drawing and sharing the first four chapters, and the current chapter updates each week with two new pages at!



  • Creator: Dan Berry
  • Writer: Dan Berry
  • Artist: Dan Berry
  • Editor: Melissa Hoffman


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