2040 is a new comedy web series about love, friendship, and none of that.The series follows three best friends, Brendan (Brendan Fitzgibbons), a sensitive, passionate and emasculated screenwriter, Arturo, (Arturo Castro) a charismatic and invigorated actor, and Hailey (Hailey Giles), a savvy, successful and sexy TV producer, as they set out to independently produce Brendan’s most recent masterful screenplay, 2040 into a full-length movie.

While the characters are lifelong friends, Brendan has been harboring not-so-secret feelings for Hailey even though she has professed to love Brendan like a “gay sister.” Beginning with their Kickstarter campaign and video that goes awry, the series takes us through the meticulous, painstaking and hilarious process of producing a feature film.

By the end of episode one, the characters are able to raise enough money to produce 2040 through a connection that Hailey made flirting with a supernatural Christ-like figure, Christo. Episodes two and three show the characters meeting Christo and very funny process of casting for the movie.