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We’ve partnered up with the hosts of Web Series Watch to bring you a weekly RUGeekie Google Hangout where we feature our judges, sponsors, nominees, winners and other creators in the community. Visit and subscribe our YouTube page and don’t miss a single one!

Episodes will stream LIVE right here every Wednesday at 12pm PST

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Latest Episode

Jacob Thomas (@3rdLevelComics)



Due to guest schedules, we may change dates at times… Find out when the show will air by following us on Twitter!


Previous Episodes

Katrina Hill (@ActionChick)

Paula Rhodes (@Paula_Rhodes)

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Shaun Rosado @Pneumaz

Nic Baisley (@FilmSnobbery)

Leia Calderon (@LadyVader99)

Elisa Teague (@Cupcakepinupmag) and Joe Curtis (@geeksmashcom)

Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler)

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