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In Wintersmith Village, Talia Abrams must struggle with her own self doubt to accept the help she needs to save her people from the tyrannical demon Fenris. Official Selection of the 2013 Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival, and the 2013 Manhattan Film Festival. Winner of the Best First-Time Director Award at the 2012 Oregon Film Awards.



  • Executive Producer/Writer: R. Bryant Francis
  • Director: Anthony Tocchio
  • Producer/Editor: Jackie Brodeur
  • Producer/Production Design: Tyler Begg
  • Director of Photography: Andrew Inglin
  • Composer: Marcus Bagala
  • Stunt Coordinators: Ned Donovan and Nick Shuhan
  • Talia: Katherine Turner
  • Lord Fenris: Ned Donovan
  • Gravedigger: Nick Shuhan
  • Ethan: Graham Drake-Maurer


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