Wish It Inc.


Ever wonder what happens to your wish after the shooting star? After the coin drops in the fountain? After you nearly pass out, holding your breath through a long tunnel? It goes to the magical people at Wish It Inc.

The Fairy Godmother’s motley crew of wish granters are at your service, to deny or grant any and all wishes. From muggle girl Hannah to gossipy genie Shari, Travis the uptight fairy, boozing birthday clown JoJo, Yvette the intimidating wish operator, quirky intern Wendy, handsome and charming mail clerk Teddy, or the office punching bag, Karla.


  • Writer, Exec.Producer: Nick Celentano
  • Director, Exec.Producer, Editor: Ryan Anthony Martin
  • Assoc. Producers: Mark Kirkland, Leticia Kirkland, Yosen Lin
  • Director of Photography: Cooper James
  • 1st AC & 2nd Camera Op: Santiago Bahti
  • Music: Ben Palacios
  • Production Coordinator: Jocelyn Davis


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