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I’m Emily Kelley, co-founder of the Geekie Award-nominated Wrong Button Blog! When my fellow Wrong Button co-founder and I moved in together, we knew that normal home decor would not do. Both obsessive geeks, we wanted to take the modern decor staples you always see on Pinterest and Etsy and give them a geeky touch. We started to make a few crafts and designs for our own home, and after receiving so much interest, decided to share our geek chic crafts with all of our fellow geeks out there.

Since opening in 2013, my Etsy store has sold more than 170 prints since 2013, and have been used in libraries, nurseries, offices, and given as gifts to geeky friends and family. Our prints include Doctor Who, Star Wars, Naruto, and Supernatural-inspired designs and homages. My aesthetic is clean, minimalistic, and modern with a focus on typography and symmetry. I usually create prints from recognizable quotes, such as “May the Force Be With You,” and simple imagery, like the TARDIS. I use Adobe Photoshop to create the prints from scratch and they are printed on Matte Photographic paper.

Along with the Etsy store, I’m a lifestyle writer and crafter who has spent the last 8 years dabbling in graphic design. I received some formal graphic design training in Photoshop in high school, but other than that, I’m self-taught. My dream is to present one of my prints to someone associated with it’s respective fandom — every print is created out of love for the fandom, characters, and fans!


  • Designer/Artist: Emily Kelley


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