Xtreme Champion Tournament


Format: Standard comic, full colour, 22 pages, Issue #0 of an ongoing series, limited to 5000 standard copies and 300 incentive cover copies.

Synopsis: In the year 2069 secret archaeological digs over the last 50 years are going to rock the foundation of what we all believe. The remains of heroes, villains, monsters and creatures that we have long believed to be myth or legend have been found. The remains have been used to create clones which are caged, retrained and forced to fight in the most brutal sport in the world the “Xtreme Champion Tournament”. This sport has become the most watched sport in history and sees cloned fighters pitted against each other and mythical creatures for the worlds entertainment.

Introduction: In this first issue you will be introduced to the hero Spartacus and the inventor of the cloning process Dr Frank Stein. This issue covers the back story of Spartacus and the introduction of the Xtreme Champion Tournament with a fast paced story line filled with plenty of action.


  • Creator: Shaun Paulet
  • Writer: Brendan Halyday
  • Artist: Jerry Gaylord
  • Inker: Alex Sollazzo
  • Colourist: Gabriel Cassata


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