YouStar: Road to Fame

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YouStar:Road to Fame follows the comic adventures of young filmmaker, Nisa Hartmann, as she attempts to turn her geeky brother Jared into the next online pop sensation. Counseled by her loving but hesitant sister Lila, Nisa gives Jared a ‘pop star’ makeover, renaming him ‘Sebastian.’ ‘Sebastian,’ with a heavily auto-tuned pop song called “Pretty Girl,” quickly wins over the ‘YouStar’ audience, an eccentric group of fans and video commentators known collectively as ‘YouViewers.’ But Nisa’s ambitions are soon endangered by the advent of a rival brother-sister team, Diego and Gabriella de Vargas, who have the same goal in mind. When a syrupy sweet competitor threatens to dethrone both Gabriella and ‘Sebastian,’ Nisa and Diego are forced to work together to secure the “YouStar crown” for their siblings.

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  • Director: Sofia Voltin
  • Writers: Stobie Piel, Sofia Voltin
  • Created by: Stobie Piel, Sofia Voltin, Garrett Voltin, Natassja Voltin
  • Producers: Katherine LeSar, Sofia Voltin
  • Co-Producers: Mark Hensley, Natassja Voltin


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