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ZombiePeepshow is a Texas-based design company owned and created by Kayla Stojek. Her unique design aesthetic is the fusion of horror and pinup, all things creepy and girly at the same time. Kayla dabbles in custom clothing and accessories, but shoes are the bread and butter of this unique vision. Kayla’s educational background focuses on Organic Chemistry and other sciences. Her curiosity and adoration for extreme design led her to form ZombiePeepshow in 2011, while her familiarity with chemical compounds allowed experimentation with materials to achieve these theatrical works of art. Her intrigue originated from turning intense props into wearable art.

ZombiePeepshow’s undying attention to detail sometimes leaves her working on a piece for over 18 hours, ensuring that every crystal or skull is positioned perfectly in place. This inevitably generates a look of absolute awe in the viewer, leaving them wanting more. Her relentless work ethic and undivided attention shines in every hand crafted piece. Whether it’s 8 inch gothic boots adorned with massive candelabras, or delicate crystal mermaid pumps, the horror and beauty can be found in every pair. This concept is fueled by Kayla’s love of horror, steam punk, gore, kawaii, and other ornate fashion.

Kayla’s pieces have been featured in the modeling and theatrical communities for the past 2 years. Her gratitude for the clientele and followers who have supported her ventures continues to keep her grounded and loving the work she creates.

ZombiePeepshow accepts custom requests for women and men alike. She welcomes you to visit her online store and hopes to ignite inspiration. She believes that the possibilities for design truly are endless, and looks forward to creating a little more madness everyday.



  • Owner/Creator: Kayla Stojek
  • Design Assistant: Brooklynn Brown


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