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Each player has a set of cards that is used to direct the robots around the arena. The number of …


Divamp couture

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2015 NOMINEE FOR BEST FASHION!  |  View all 2015 Nominees
The urge to create something with my hands, I guess I …


Scrap Garden

Scrap Garden is a beautiful and unique adventure platform game with an emotive backstory. C4N, also known as Canny, is …


Doctor Geek’s Laboratory Episode 8

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Doctor Geek’s Laboratory is a full cast science fiction audio drama dedicated to STEM outreach. Through enthusiasm, passion, and humor, …


Outer Places – Where Science Meets Science Fiction

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The geeks at Outer Places wanted to create a space that united two of their passions: Science, and Science Fiction. …


Pop Star Assassin

A lysergic trip to the center of American CONSPIRANOIA. The year is 1977. The King is dead. The world mourns.
But, …


The Talos Principle

2015 NOMINEE FOR BEST VIDEO GAME!  |  View all 2015 Nominees
The Talos Principle is a philosophical first-person puzzle game from …


SomeGadgetGuy – Let’s Talk Tech!

At SomeGadgetGuy we handle tech reviews, tutorials, and editorial with a focus on lifestyle. Benchmarks, megapickles, and giggleflips don’t tell …