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Geek Girl Authority is a geek culture website with a simple mission: to provide an entertaining, welcoming space for good ol’ fashioned nerdy fun within the Geek Culture Universe. Though, as the name implies, we approach our work from a female perspective, we are by no means exclusive. Our staff and regular contributors include both women and men and we seek out and encourage a variety of voices for the site and benefit greatly from those varied perspectives. All we ask is that they be as giddy as we are about geeking out on just about everything. We encourage passion, knowledge and conversation on the topics which are so important to all of us.

Our focus is getting fans excited about what is coming and what already exists in Geek Culture and also helping fans discover hidden genre gems. We want to spread nerd joy to all that put eyeballs on our website or listen to us through our podcasts.


  • Founder, Editor-in-Chief: Audrey Kearns
  • Co-Founder, Senior Contributor: Claudia Dolph
  • Senior Contributor: Matt Key
  • Web Design: Jennifer Arterbury, Jeff Holmes


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