Hass #1


QUICK SYNOPSIS: A “Romeo & Juliet” style story takes a horrific turn when a sadistic group of Neo Nazis brutalize a young Black man. Misguided hate and events lead him into joining their cause.

SERIES SYNOPSIS: In a story that’s “Romeo & Juliet” meets “American History X,” Josh Jones meets and dates Maggie Stewart on his first day of college.  Courting her eventually forces Josh into confronting racism and violence deep in the heart of Texas.  On a quest to get revenge on the Neo Nazis that brutalized him, misguided hate and circumstances bring Josh into joining their cause.  During his time as a Black Neo Nazi, Josh has to come to terms with his own personal demons and break away from his dangerous affiliations before he gets himself or others killed.


  • Nominated for two 2014 Glyph Awards – Best Writer & Best Cover
  • An early spotlight in Comic Book Resources’ “Month of African-American Comics” 



“Thompson (Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies) offers what is some of his best writing; in fact, I’m sure that it is the best that I have read.  The dialogue is evocative, complex, rich, and tricky.” – Comic Book Bin

“This book is apparently getting its share of accolades and after reading it for myself, I can say that it is deserving of both of these honors. / I would recommend Hass to anyone in search of a good comic series.” – Black Ship Books

“One of the key points of Hass #1 is the idea that there is still this festering boil upon society that is racism and every once in a while, it will explode and all of its vileness will come spewing forth on our world. / This was an unsettling comic book, but in a good way – I’ll be fascinated to see what Josh does next.” – Comic Book Resources

“This story really drives home just how insane being a racist is. How will this all affect Josh and his new relationship with Maggie? We see both love and hate at their best and worst here.” – Jazma Online



  • Creator/Writer: B. Alex Thompson
  • Artist: Federico Santagati
  • Colors: Russell Vincent Yu
  • Letters: B. Alex Thompson
  • Editor: John P. Ward


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