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Little Petal creates custom comic book inspired convertible dresses based on any character from any fandom. This means customers are not limited to just the incredibly vast selection of already existing dresses. They can order any character, or any color combination! Upon request, we also create custom comic book inspired tutus, alternative silk wedding dresses, high-end corsets, and superhero/villain ties.

We do not believe in sizes, so all dresses are custom made to the customer’s measurements. Whether you are petite or voluptuous, these pajama-soft jersey dresses will fit you perfectly and make you feel gorgeous. They are comprised of 5-25 yards of fabric depending on the design. Once tied around the body, the dresses evenly distribute their weight so that the top is secure and the skirt drapes in a flowing manner. Prices will never be based on size. Our philosophy is that all bodies are equal and beautiful. Our line of tutus, fondly called Super Tutes, are labeled with body positive words instead of XXS – XXL. These words will never appear on our labels. Our goal in using names such as Vivacious, Curvaceous, and Luscious is that when picking up our tutus, instead of dreading what size the tag will read, you will be excited to confirm what you already know- that you are a Bodacious Babe.

Little Petal garments are meant to be cocktail dresses as opposed to costumes, so they can be worn to conventions as cosplay, to weddings as a bridesmaid dress, on tour night after night with your band, or anywhere in between. Little Petal strives to make all women look as beautiful as they feel without sacrificing who they are. We ask our customers to model their own dresses; and their photographs are always gorgeous. All dresses are available with pockets in them upon request! We work every day towards our goal of building our customers’ self esteem, one pretty dress at a time.



  • Owner/Designer: Danielle Ward


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