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The geeks at Outer Places wanted to create a space that united two of their passions: Science, and Science Fiction. Striving for a platform that could do these two beautiful worlds justice, we set about creating a custom design which wasn’t just a real looker, but was also easy to use.

Outer Places’ content covers news, reviews and updates on everything from comic book releases to the latest exploits in the human exploration of space. Proving how well Science and Science Fiction are able to cohabitate, Outer Places features stories about fictional robots, like Ex Machina’s Ava, right alongside news about the efforts to create a real-life, true A.I.

We’re not just about news though, regularly featuring opinionated rants about subjects like the relative merits of both Marvel and DC’s cinematic, and why a Boba Fett movie would be a terrible idea; Outer Places is also a wonderful place to get hot under the collar with a good old fashioned slice of nerd rage.

The Outer Places editorial team are all lifelong geeks. Kieran (Editor) grew up watching the original Battlestar Galactica (wishing he had his own Daggit), while Janey (Junior Editor) has an unhealthy passion for Buffy. We also consider the fact that we’ve managed to prevent our writers, Zain and Johnny, from coming to blows over their love for DC and Marvel, a huge success.

When we’re not writing about geeky things, we’re doing geeky things. Outer Places regularly host and appear on panels at various geek culture events. Our ‘Science of Star Wars’ panel at Wonder Con, featuring NASA scientists, Psychologists and Star Wars experts was such a huge success, we’re doing it again at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.


  • Editor: Kieran Dickson
  • Junior Editor: Janey Tracey
  • Web Dev: Michael Beaujean
  • Design: David Ranson


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