Alana’s on 24-hour call to a boss who sends her on urgent missions to narrowly avert intimate disasters – a car crash, a leap from the Queensboro Bridge, a slip into the lion pit at the Bronx Zoo.

She works for a Peacekeeper, and she’s one of dozens who crisscross the city to save lives. And her texting boss? The urban legends and her friend Sophie insist that it’s God, but Alana has her doubts.

If the Peacekeeper she works for IS actually God with an iPhone, why the hell does he need a bunch of twentysomethings to help him divinely intervene?

Why now? Why can’t they save everybody? And why has the Peacekeeper attracted such powerful enemies?


The pilot episode has been nominated for a Webby Award for Best Drama, a Shorty Award for Best Web Show of the Year, and Indiegogo’s Project of the Year. It’s been programmed at fifteen film festivals to date, garnering additional critical claim, nominations, and wins. In June the team successfully raised enough money on Indiegogo to continue the show.



  • Director: Charlie Reeves
  • Creators: Charlie Reeves & Maria Makenna
  • Writer: Charlie Reeves
  • “Alana”: Maria Makenna
  • “Sophie”: Madeline Wise
  • “Connor”: Tommy Heleringer
  • “Michael”: Jacques Mitchell


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