Road to Pandemonium


Set against the close of a thousand year war in Heaven where the Devil has all but won, Road to
Pandemonium follows wounded soldier Gauge Knight on his journey into the afterlife. Just after crossing
over, Gauge is saved from certain death by Helena, one of the last angels left alive after centuries of war.
With an ancient power emerging inside him, the two star-crossed warriors embark on an epic quest to kill
the Devil in the high capitol of Hell, Pandemonium, and turn the tide of war.



  • Creator / Writer: Sam Dabbs
  • Creator / Writer: RJ Harbour
  • Concept and Pencil Artwork: Mariana Traverso
  • Storyboard / Pencil Artwork: Eugene Huang
  • Digital Painter: Jim Moore
  • Digital Painter: MinSoo Kim
  • Digital Painter: Hayley Merrington
  • Digital Painter: Daniel Dussault
  • VFX Artist: Glenn Snyder
  • VFX Artist: Rio Harrington
  • VFX Artist Joe Loude


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