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Samantha is an average, everyday mum. Or at least she likes to think so, but her career kinda makes her stand out from the crowd. Because Samantha is a superhero.

A documentary crew follow Samantha, or ‘SuperMum’ as the tabloids have dubbed her, on a typical work day, as she goes about her job hoping to be home for her daughter’s bedtime story. But a superhero’s day doesn’t always run to plan…


  • Director: Lisa Gifford
  • Writer: Lisa Gifford
  • Producer: Elisar Cabrera
  • Producer: Lisa Gifford
  • Samantha: Juliette Burton
  • DP: Jack Ayers
  • Editor: Jack Ayers
  • Sound Design: Kristian Mitchelly-Dolby
  • VFX: Chris Munns


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